Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Music, Music, Music...

Well it's a musical day today and possibly one filled with good news for a change. It seems that Apple has seen the light and are removing DRM from itunes. Good news, and about bloody time.
DRM pretty much exists to be hacked and illustrates to the end user that you are renting the music you just brought online , not "really' buying it. This of course becomes a disincentive to buy legitimate copies of music or software and fuels pirates.
Back in the day, buying an album from the record store did not require the music fan to read and agree to an end user agreement; you just paid your money and got your record, everyone was happy. You could lend it to people, make a crappy copy on tape to listen to in your walkman or even *gasp* play your record on a different turntable!
Today as so many ads at the start of DVDs tell me, all this activity is stealing and wrong sending all who perform these heinous crimes to the same layer of hell reserved for robbers, people of covert their neighbor's Asses and charted accountants.

So there.

The problem is that shortly after the Media companies put all their fish in the one digital barrel, they realized that the same technology that allowed them to reduce overheads and make Micheal Bay movies also allowed people to copy and transfer that data more easily. Copying an LP is no easy task, a CD or DVD on the other hand...So this suddenly allowed them to re write the unwritten contract between the user and the provider, suddenly we can only play a downloaded track on one PC or install a piece of software three times off one disk or , in Itune's case, play the downloaded tracks on one brand of mp3 player.
Alternately I could download the album from a torrent and use it as much and how I like. (And it's free)

So bravo Apple, maybe the dozens of people who brought a Zune can now buy stuff from the Itunes store with minimal fuss.

Also is good music news, it seems that those days of the LP and the Record store are not yet over...