Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Post Australia Day

Well like any self respecting Iconoclast, I can be perceived as a little anti-patriotic at times. I do feel that perceiving our history and attitudes with a slightly critical eye serves our identity in the long run more than one eyed-flag cloaked patriotism. Like any patient nation at the office of the historical identity therapist, it is better to come to terms with your shortcomings rather than to ignore them. The response to the "sorry" question with regards to the Aboriginal nations of the continent was more often than not "we shouldn't dwell on it" as it was negative, and negative stuff always brings one's national identity down ya know?
Unfortunately our national identity tends to omit things in favor of what are often much more important but less populist things. I'll save getting on my Gallipoli high horse til another time, but for many outside of Australia we are really known for three things; Wierd Animals, Sport and Beaches.
Now we do indeed have and featre in our history all three of the above, but most people on Australia Day will not be reminded that despite our wonderful treatment of them, Australia has contributed very healthily to the Arts and Science.
Despite underfunding, undervaluing and even putting it on trial once , Australia contributed greatly to the modernist and post modern Arts scene. Science also receives a bit of a kicking in our culture, despite at one time being the world leader in solar technology and playing an oft forgotten role in the moon landing.

But one thing Australians do better than many other English speaking countries is making truly shambolic Television. Honestly our talent for it is something to be proud of...XD