Friday, July 24, 2009

Shaken from Blogging Torpor...

By what you say? Well my beloved home city has a new logo, a new image with which to face the world, a new err...

What n' the hell?

Oh and we paid for it? Really? $230,000 you say?

I'm sure the city council could have gotten a plethora of M logos for that much money, even some ones that look good!

Unfortunatly the fatuous wasting of public funds on this sort of rubbish no longer suprises me. It very much has the look of a logo designed by committee rather than by designers, or at the very least a year 10 graphic design student. (It's exactly the sort of fare you come up with when you have just mastered the T-square and Derwent colour pencil set. You know the big one with 5 shades of each colour.)

But hey, if it was going to just be a big M, we could have saved some money. Heck the city of Melbourne could have MADE some money by selling the rights to the city logo commercially and gotten much the same result. Heck , if it's good enough for almost every public building built in the last twenty years, why not the whole city?

For example:

I know , I know. Too American right?
How about:

Yes much better, and it comes in a variety of flavours...