Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New adventures in Chronic Depression and Anxiety

When I started a blog I imagined that it would be like so many of the others that I read, reviews, irreverent wit, politics and just a little bit of serious social comment.
Laziness took a little bit of a toll on the idea of being an irreverent blogger, and recent events have lead to me to make some discoveries about myself and face some things that I have been putting off for a while.
Allow me to spell it out. I have an issue with Anxiety and Depression.
Why the hell am I writing this as a blog post? I'm not sure. But it feels good writing it down, and even better admitting it to the interwebs. I have been told that keeping a journal is a good thing whilst going through this sort of thing, and doing so has never been my "thing" so to speak. So why not a blog?
Admitting the fact I have a problem is a very liberating experience, as it is something I have lived with since my teens. Dealing with it proves to be a longer path, and hopefully dumping my mind here on occasion will help with that. Maybe someone will read it, maybe someone will recognise that they have this issue as well, or something similar to it, and seek help. Depression and Anxiety are two very common but stigmatised conditions that most of us face at sometimes in our lives. If one person reads this, and decides to take the same steps I am taking to seek help in managing it, then I will have done something of more import than many blogs out there.

And that makes it worth it.

I'm not going to discuss any personal specifics, just talk about my own internal feelings and document the path that I am taking.
With luck I can look back on this blog with the hindsight that comes with the future and feel good.

Thank you.