Thursday, August 25, 2011

All my Friends are getting Married...

Well yeah I'm kinda at that time of life... (I also use the word Kinda way too much when I write this stuff)
But reading much Facebook/twitter/blogs about people kids as turned me to a friend of mine who is not only a very talented photographer but also a snappy short writer.
So I summon thee my 6 readers and 2 twitter followers to follow Leni @AGrumpyMum !
Also check out her wonderful blog/photographic project

But seriously... the grumpy mum could be big on teh intertubes, Men without hats big...

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Friday, August 12, 2011

The subtle art of delegitmising 1st world decent

"Which is not to say England doesn't have problems that need to be dealt with.

On the surface, fingers are pointed at recent government spending cuts.

Deeper down, there's the issue of police brutality and perceived injustice.

And the undercurrent running through it all is one of race and socio-economic divide which most capitalist democracies have failed to properly come to terms with.

But, for the most part, everyone can either afford, or get access to, a cup of rice a day.

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Now putting aside that this is a quote from a News Ltd article, and that the African Famine is far far more serious a problem than some smashed shops in London; the huge issue I have with this sort of talk is that it is a very subtle way of delegitimising what has happened in London over the past few days. It is a tactic of the Media Narrative to conflate two issues that deserve analysis and thought on their own. Why? Because people in the 3rd world are allowed to be unhappy with their lot but youth in the 1st world are not, after all they are living the Capitalist dream... aren't they?
It's a patronizing Straw man to dismiss London's riots with a simple wave of the "people are starving in Africa" wand. The African Famine is a horrible and ongoing event that is fueled dozens of factors that does need better coverage and aid in the news... But expanding this critique of the coverage of the Riots; shouldn't papers be ignoring the sports page as well? fashion? Films? There are a hundred things in this world less horrible than Famine in Africa, but it's stupid and intellectually dishonest not to talk about them because of a single event...