Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Catz Part 2- Apollo

Yes I could not do another episode on my Cats without Apollo coming next. The Alpha cat of our house, Mr Polly, Polly, Bigface or the Polinator as he is known, is a furry bundle or meows and muscle. He was adopted along with his brother Hermes by my partner, they were street kittens and were in despirate need for a home. Hermes was very ill, and sadly passed away (although he lasted a full Year, much better than the Vets gave him thanks to Morrigan's love and care) and eventually he and his mom came to live with me and add to the expanding colony.
It is not unusual at our house to come under Polly's watchful glare, in the lounge, the Kitchen, the bathroom...Yes the Bathroom, earning his extra name pervy bathroom cat.
But Polly is the leader, all the other cats (even Emma sometimes) take his lead, like a Lion he watches his pride and bops them when they do wrong. He is also a food vacum, which did lead to that controversal experiemental switch to the lite cat food. There was much protesting.
He is a vocal boy, talking to his mom and the other humans in trills and chirps. He is also a cat that likes other cats, usually being the first to adapt to the presence of another and taking young ones under his wing. (Most notibly Minsk and Alice, who I will talk about later..)
His sworn enemy is the Orange cat that sleeps in our backyard sometimes. Polly usually glares at him via the back window, in one of the few cases of a face to face meeting Apollo jumped on poor Orange cat's head...
So hail to the King, Apollo of Johnston st...