Friday, April 13, 2012

Catz 3-Emma

And next is Daddy's little girl, my princess Emma. She was hastily named in the waiting room of the Lort Smith after Mrs Peel from The Avengers; the name stuck. She was found by two friends of mine starved and very unhappy; I opted to adopt her and we have been inseperable since.
Emma is the cat I point to when people say cats aren't loyal, or that they are too aloof or Independent. She is by my side most of the day when I am at home, either on my lap or within sight. She dosn't not like other people, she in fact can be very friendly to people she dosn't find threatening, but she is definiativly my cat. For example; one day she got outside and ran into the trumpet flowers down the side of the house. Nobody could get her out, she wouldn't come out for food or anything. I get home, walk out the back, call "Emma" and she trots out without hesitating. That is my relationship with Emma in a nutshell.
She is very good at hiding, so good that she can render herself almost impossible to find when she wants to. She dislikes, but tolerates, the other cats. Being the oldest by some degree I imagine that she looks at them with a mixture of distain and amusement, she often watches them play but excludes herself with a quick hiss if approached by the others. As long as they don't bother he, she does not mind them.
She also smart, very smart. She is patient, if there is a door she cannot open she will work at it for hours until it budges, she spent over a week digging under a door at my old place and KEPT IT SECRET by covering the entrance in gravel. Several times when her litter was full, she would poop into the scoop as she knew that was where it was going anyway... Never try to outthink her as one would often be defeated...