Friday, April 20, 2012

Catz4: Alice aka Munchie

Notoriously hard to photograph, "Muchie" is the newest member of our Feline Colony. She was part of a litter found by a friend of my Uncle, all the kittens found good homes but Munchie was the last one left. I agreed to look after her until we could find a home, but the little girls personality was just too much for us to bare so she had to stay.
Currently round about six months old, she is a tortiseshelled , bouncing, biting and playing machine. She is unafraid of any of the other cats, maybe a bit of Emma, but she plays with the boys like she is one of them. In fact poor Cloud is oft at the recieving end of a Munchie attack, though he gives as good as he gets much of the time...
Alice has a very special relationship with Apollo, who has very much become her big brother. They often sleep togeather, and even if Apollo isn't in the mood she will sleep nearby and awake when he does. Apollo is also uber patient with her, being a 6 and a half kilo cat compared to just over a kilo of Munchie he could knock her around like a boss... But he often sits there while she attacks his tail or chews on his ears and dosn't bat an eyelid.
The little dear is starting to get big as well, loosing a tiny bit of her kitten energy but she is indeed still mightily inbued with "Tortitude".