Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What not to wear

As most peeps who know me are aware, I do like ot follow politics both here and in the US. Why in the US? Well because for the past twenty years that this where our political class takes it's lead from, unfortunatly we seem determined to take all the worst of the US and bring it on home. I mean the US has many wonderful things and ideas; Philly cheese-steak, good mexican food, bottomless beverages in restruants... and on the non food front engrained rights for citizens and the seperation of powers.. :P
Out of these wonderful things the Americans have given us we decided to take; Tax hate, economic illiteracy, fear of regulation, resource magnates dictating public policy and a hatred of science.
Huh? For some reason many of our elite have looked at the US at the start of dubya's reign and said "yup that is where we want to be." forgetting what happens at the end of that dance... (It involves a gutter, a bottle of passion pop and a vomit stained dinner suit)
Don't believe me..? Just take a stroll through the opinion areas of the ABC, News.com.au or The Age and read the comments... Or if you don't have time for that just go over to a site like Pure Poison or The failed estate for an umpires view of out media one ring circus. (Our media isn't large enough for a three ring yet...)