Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Nice Opening Ceremony; Where were the Goodies?

Yeah it's the obligatory Olympics post, and no it's not about how the modern Olympics basically creates enormous publicly funded white elephant projects. I did that already.
No, it's about the opening cermony hitting us in the face with Mr Bean and James Bond. Ok I can accept we had no Doctor Who, or Middle Earth or Shirlock Holmes or Python referances. But where were the Goodies? I mean seriously, the most patriotically British comedy powerhouse (and the other two) didn't even rate a mention? There has been a theory that the BBC has basically been slowly scrubbing history of the sometimes slightly less than PC comedy antics of the Late 1970s; trying to rewrite the history of british comedy to be: The Goons>Monty Python>Dad's Army>Mr Bean>Two Pints of Lager.. and removing everything in between.
But seriously, those three guys did more to keep the colonies british than the most Tory politician. In fact I blaim the ABC not showing "The Goodies" regularily in the later 1990s on Australia's slide into US social policy.