Monday, August 13, 2012

It's a Headache, It's not a Tumor

Well that is what many are still saying as the Olympics fades from view; the world's banking systems are dealing with a headache. It's not systemic, it's not "a tumor" within the capitalist system. More critical writers use the words "Liquidity crisis" or "Solvency crisis" while the idiot Media and Political spin tell us that it is a "Debt Crisis" This is the world we are in, England will come off it's sporting high to a double dip recession, the US's economy is slow and Europe isn't much better. Despite having the strongest western economy, we are told constantly in Australia about how our economy is going down the toilet.

But it's not any of these things, not really... All evidence this reporter (note to all, I'm not a reporter) can source seems to indicate that the financial ho-haw of the last four years are a fraud crisis, nothing more nothing less. You see, it now seems to be ok to commit fraud if you are the right person in the right position; in fact it seems to be encouraged. I'll leave you all with a short timeline of the fraud we are all now paying for...

Rating Agencies Fraud

Mortgage Securitisation Fraud

Enforcement Fraud

Fraud in the Greek crisis


So the nexttime you get told it's all about debt or the US reserve or gold or the Illuminati... It's really all about one of the oldest human instincts; lying to gain advantage over another.

Till next we meet...