Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Intellectual Rigor of the Right

Many of us who pay attention to such things already know this, but for over two decades the mainstream right wing of politics as an international movement has been cruising along whilst being intellectually bankrupt. The old culture warrior meme from the 90s and early 00s is oft exposed as rank hypocrisy at best, and knowing deceit of a low information voter base at worst. The Todd Akin drama in the US has started to make headlines all over the world and is (with luck) exposing this to the light of day.
As of this writing Akin is being encouraged to not run in the Missouri senate race he won a primary to participate in; why? He has not exposed any new or shocking idea that wasn't already floating around the echo chamber already, denial of Rape as a serious crime, demotion of women to baby incubators with little to no say as to their fate or health, and a total cluelessness as to the realities face by most people in his electorate. He has come out and said out and aloud what the right to lifers have said for years in between the lines of their rantings; everytime someone refers to the fate of a Raped woman as "God's will" they are saying the same thing as Akin.
We all know this, what makes this a demonstration of the Intellectual wasteland that these people operate is how fast those who would normally parrot this position when it is stated in other terms run from it when it becomes politically toxic. If they had the courage of their ridiculous convictions they would back him all the way but flee because he has been less articulate in telling women they deserve no control over their bodies than they.
Oh did I mention that this guy talked about taking free school lunches away from poor kids last week? Or that Paul Ryan (the current R Vice presidential nominee) has agreed with Aiken in the house and even co-sponsored anti choice legislation with him?
A Straw house built on shit falls over...
I'll finish with the Great Sam Seder's brillant takedown of Akin,