Thursday, November 15, 2012

Egads I've Slacked off again...

Yeah sorry about that, life and work rushing about and my dear blog sits gathering dust.
I think two of my favorite topics this year have been the bursting of the Conservative bubble and Pin Hole cameras and both have been relevant in the recent weeks.
First the not so serious, I was glad to see many people on the Facebork getting the pin hole cameras out for the partial eclipse we had in Melbourne. If any of you read my articles I hope they helped :)
I managed to watch it on the train on the way to work, using my Ipad to reflect the disk of the sun onto the train wall.

I promised myself that there would be no schadenfreude here over the drubbing Romney and the GOP took at the polls last week. But combined with the heir apparent to the Prime Minister-ship of Australia, Mr Tony "Budgie" Abbott likewise loosing his grip on defeating Julia at the polls... It's really hard not to just post lol 333 times on a blog post and be done with it. The insanity of the American right was being noticed even at these Antipodean shores, and their defeat so soundly in the 2012 election resonates here as well. The Coalition has happily imported talking points and tactics from their like minded colleagues in the GOP, from Hockey's moronic "magic pudding" supply side rhetoric to the attempts to raise "peoples movements" akin to the Tea party by pundits. Now that those tactics have been visibly rebuked by the American Public, the Australian right is noticeably taking cover. The mirroring of Rush Limbar's misogynist issues earlier in the year  has been repeated here via Alan Jones and the Prime Minister's now legendary tirade against Abbott in Parliament. With luck we can turn to comprehensive immigration reform like the US is doing now, pushed by the obvious shift in demographics. (Although our immigrant communities are a little more fractured, we lack very large blocks to play the same role as Hispanic Americans do over there, so I suspect it will take longer to manifest) Climate change is on the table as well, we have had a Carbon Tax put in and my suburb has yet to become a post apocalyptic wasteland as the Lib-Nats suggested. Outside of WA the newly elected conservative state governments are finding themselves less and less popular as well. (Though I put that down to WA having both different political demographics and a different conservative movement)
Still a long way to go, but it is all feeling better than it was at start of 2012...