Thursday, January 24, 2013

You never think you'd see...

...The NRA and the Right in the US (and here in 'stralia) agree with the Black Panthers.
It's a weird thing that history does when people are generally ignorant of it. I'm sure there is a saying along those lines...

Howso? Well we are all told that the US right to bare arms is all about defending the populous from a tyrannical government. So when government goes down the path of Tyranny, the good folk can arm up and fight back. After all, Hitler took away the guns right? You don't like Hitler do you?
So in 1967, in response to what they saw as injustice towards African Americans members of the Black Panther Party took to the California state house armed with (allegedly unloaded) rifles in protest.(The image above is from a similar protest that took place in Seattle later in '67)
The outcomes and some background to those actions are well outlined here. The little remembered Governor of California at the time, Ronald Regan, saw fit to apply his tyrannical hand to these protests and passed the Mulford act which banned the carrying of guns in public spaces.

So if you are a true advocate for gun rights and see the necessity for the people to be armed to defend themselves from government oppression and to follow the sacred 2nd Amendment; which we all know protects the 1st, every congressman in the US needs to push to allow open carry in all public buildings. It's only logical yes?

Now I know this is a little "reduction to the absurd" but it is deliberately as we are presented with  a dozen arguments of the same ilk all the time but every sock puppet out there. How else are you going to keep the King of England out of your face? Unfortunately the current intellectual stream of pseudo libertarianism on the right all over the world not only needs to assume the worst about government, but about ourselves and others as well but also propagates it and would condemn the Black Panthers for doing exactly as they advocate. After all, Bullets not ballots is a metaphor right?