Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break!!!

Well Autumn break anyway...

Next week this blog will become my travel blog. I will be taking a short but hopefully enjoyable jaunt to Japan and the plan is to take lots of pretty pictures. So watch this space for all the thrills and spills!

Snow Day! (Kinda)

Very little time of late, and being a person who procrastinates by writing something else it has been hard...
But anyway, busy few weeks and a busy fortnight to come. (See next post)

But while I've been procrastinating the world is going to shit in a shit basket (to coin a John Oliverism in honor of him taking over the Daily Show whilst John Stewart makes a movie)
and whilst some of this crap confirms the wrongness of many a dogma (which is not a bad thing imho) there is so much of it I have been struggling to react.

So quickly (before the Easter Holiday) two very important points to you dear intertubes.

*In the Westminster system of government a change of parliamentary leader is not necessarily a Coup d'etat. Stop calling it that when it isn't.

*If someone presents to you a premise in a discussion thread or on your facebook wall, examine it. One of the biggest fuels for online opinion wars is the argument made from false premise, especially in Political discussion. A good example is Government surpluses, many people argue from the position that it's "obvious" that Governments should strive for surpluses at all times ; a little digging into the matter however says otherwise...

Oh an I have a new 'do. Hope you all like it, the reviews seem positive so it may be here to stay :)