Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow Day! (Kinda)

Very little time of late, and being a person who procrastinates by writing something else it has been hard...
But anyway, busy few weeks and a busy fortnight to come. (See next post)

But while I've been procrastinating the world is going to shit in a shit basket (to coin a John Oliverism in honor of him taking over the Daily Show whilst John Stewart makes a movie)
and whilst some of this crap confirms the wrongness of many a dogma (which is not a bad thing imho) there is so much of it I have been struggling to react.

So quickly (before the Easter Holiday) two very important points to you dear intertubes.

*In the Westminster system of government a change of parliamentary leader is not necessarily a Coup d'etat. Stop calling it that when it isn't.

*If someone presents to you a premise in a discussion thread or on your facebook wall, examine it. One of the biggest fuels for online opinion wars is the argument made from false premise, especially in Political discussion. A good example is Government surpluses, many people argue from the position that it's "obvious" that Governments should strive for surpluses at all times ; a little digging into the matter however says otherwise...

Oh an I have a new 'do. Hope you all like it, the reviews seem positive so it may be here to stay :)