Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 2 Wet and not so wild

I missed doing a part two to my journey as I was so tired getting in last night. Flight was ok, full of kids and therefore no sleep or rest for the eight hour duration.
But I'm here, and the weather turned to crap the minute I left the hotel. Misty and wet, I set out anyways. Managed to dip my toe into the train system, visit Chiba, the Imperial Palace in Tokyo and Shibuya. The train system while a little dense to outsiders, really is as good as it is made out to be. Fast efficient and tries very hard to be accessible to non Japanese speakers.
Things I have learnt:

1. Hello Kitty does Toyota ads
2. The walls of a Japanese castle are thick, really thick. Like three meters of stone thick.
3. Rare Beef here is ridiculously better than rare cooked beef in Australia. The very rare roast I ate at lunch was amazing and it was in a buffet!
4. They have pre made meal section in supermarkets, and it's as big if not bigger than the produce section.
5. Even if you can't speak much Japanese, TV here is stupidly entertaining. It's like TV made in Australia or the US 20 years ago, but with all the HD polish of today's television.

Till next time... (Still working on the picture formatting, sorry again may have to fix when I'm home again)