Thursday, April 4, 2013

Day 3 Kitteh Cafe!

So it took two days for me to go to the famous Cat Cafe.
It's an amazing idea, you pay 1000yen to go into a room and entertain a mob of cats for an hour. Not only that, but the price includes wifi, drinks and snacks. I honestly think that this is he closest I have been to using a prostitute in my life, I have basically paid to get my cat fix far away from home. (I also walked past and resisted my pangs of curiosity and did not visit the Maid cafe. Same idea but with Japanese girls dressed like Maids rather than Cats)
But seriously, it's a gorgeous idea and run by two people who adore their feline masters. There is light music, a big screen that features kitten pics of many of the cats, and the staff even will upload your pics to the Internet for you. These people are at the coal face of getting more cute cats on he Internet, and for that I salute them!