Friday, April 12, 2013

It's Over!

Well I'm back, took a few days to write this as I was winding down and going back to work. (Fun with a capital F and U) Overall I had a great time despite the weather; apparently Crowded House were correct about that.
I am very proud of the amount of ground I covered in 7 days, Large hunk of Tokyo seen with visits to Fuji, Matsumoto and Kyoto. Even better I have a short checklist of things to do if and when I return.
*See more of Kyoto
*Book ahead for Studio Ghibli
*Go to Kofu; I passed it on the train and the period Buildings there look amazing. Not only Japanese style but Western style buildings as well. (Not sure of the providence) They are apparently mostly reconstructed but a castle and a temple to see!

List will grow with time I am sure.
Oh yeah I did hit *another* cat cafe while killing time to catch a plane...

I think I have a problem...