Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Strange hits and misses

I know I know, more Hiatuses than an automatic Hiatusing machine. (That's not a word I know, don't write) Things are pretty overwhelming at the moment so I've found myself stuck in a kind of reverse writers block; too many things to comment on and not enough real life typing time to do them justice.
So we continue Australia's slide into Conservative governance, it doesn't seem to be because anyone actually likes Abbott or the opposition just that we have been told how bad a job Gillard has been doing so much that the populous believes it. There are honestly no words. We have an opposition who are proscribing the exact answers to the current economic, social and environmental issues we face that the rest of the world just took four years figuring out are utter disasters. Let me know how that works out...

On the bright side even while I don't post this little mass of incoherent opinions, pictures of cats and movie talk keeps getting hits. Apparently people still agree that three monkeys riding dogs is the best thing to happen on the internet since porn.

Will speak very soon. (Have some reviews and something about Doctor Who on the boil.)