Friday, September 6, 2013

Over it

Not much about tomorrow's election on this here blog space you may or may not have noticed. Honestly I think I was over the impending cluster-fuck that will be tomorrow's likely conservative victory for at least twelve months now. (Even if Labor can win, just like last time they will meet screams of being illegitimate etc. Unless that victory is overwhelming) Oz politics fatigue big time for this little black duck. As I've stated before, I'll be voting preferencing Labor as they are the less bad alternative of the major parties. (Plus I vote in one of Labor's safest seats, so things are unlikely to shift on my vote)
Sadly the bill of sales from both sides are faulty; but while Labor is trying to sell us a DVD release of a major film listing the menu and chapter selection as "special features"; the Coalition is selling us an Asylum release in 4:3 pan and scan...

(That's possibly the nerdiest analogy for politics ever)