Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Death of Canon- Appendix 1 Star Wars novels

Hi again folks, people reading and no nerd death threats for my "Death of Canon" series. Thanks to all who have stuck with it :)
Honestly as an article it could be so much longer and more detailed and I do think I may re-work it into a more structured format in the future. But as a cherry on top the ice-cream I have found some cool stuff on wikipedia that is tangentially related to the topic. The wiki entries on the contemporary novelizations  of the original Star War trilogy annotate the differences between them and the finished films. This is interesting as novelizations are often based on scripts so they can be released concurrently with the film, so some of the differences were probably in the early versions of the scripts of Star Wars, Empire and Jedi. Links are below. The Star Wars and Jedi entries are very interesting in light of works written after and added to the canon.

and of course I mentioned it, the Star Wars sequel that never was: