Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Who the Hell are you people? (and some focus)

So near the start of this year I discovered that I could no longer account for every bit of traffic that came through here. On the Internet that seems to be a good thing as it means people who aren't just my mom or girlfriend are reading what leaks out of my mind on these virtual pages. So.. introduce yourselves below :) (Or on Google+ seeing these things are now linked)
Also, been thinking about focusing this blog a little more on things pop culture/genre fiction based. Which means more reviews and weedy articles on genre, theme and other such things; and probably less politics? My need to write about politics has waned since irony died in 2010ish, plus I get a little bit more out of direct engagement with people via Facebork or Google+. If the need pokes me again a sub-blog shall emerge do not worry...
On with the show?