Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday: Jerusalem Boogie

I do think this series of Sunday posts will become a litany of how awesome a thing public video sharing sites are. Today is another example of something that may not have seen the light of day if it wasn't for the Youtubes; a live rendition of Genesis's prog rock epic "Suppers Ready". Including Peter Gabriel's poetry stylings at the beginning and loads of awesomely prog costume changes. In some ways watching this you can feel some of the frustration that crept into the band with Gabriel's increasing theatrics. Say what you will about Genesis but anything with Steven Hackett on guitar is worth a listen, imho one of the great unsung guitarists of the 1970s. (Rutherford also no slouch) 
I was exposed to prog rock from a young age and thanks to my father's record collection have a somewhat strong appreciation to the side-long track Prog epic, or Kraut-rock epic. I also don't get in the habit of making playlists on my computer much (I don't know why), so long tracks are great when I am writing or studying. (As today's Progfest is playing backing track to my attempts to learn Japanese lol)
So enjoy... or not...