Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Ok have a few things on the boil atm as well as the whole holiday fuss-o-rama so plans are slower that I would like. Coming up (very soon I hope) will be a couple of reviews; superhero films a real weakness of mine currently, another what I'm watching at the moment series AND some stuff for the sadly neglected boardgaming blog. (an updated post and a new review)
Again any ideas on how I can do this full time and actually have everything I want to write done promptly with time for proper editing please let me know :P

This weeks bit of intertube gold looks a little dated but is a treat for anyone who read the amazing manga "Battle Angel Alita" (銃夢 or Gunnm in Japanese) during the 1990s. It's a dated sequence by today's standards but something I didn't even know existed before last week which caused me to re-read the original series. What makes this more relevant is Jame Cameron has mentioned that his live action/US version of the series is intended to start production after he finished the "anticipated" sequels to Avatar. With luck this will end up as a non event much like Toby Maguires attempts to do a live action "Robotech", with an insane amount of luck it might be made with some of the wondrous character design and strange existential trans-humanism that made the manga so good. (Not to mention the humor)
The following sequence was created as an extra for the DVD release of the Gunnm animated OVA; not a great adaptation of the material to be honest but the creator Yukito Kishiro has often been sighted as having little interest in adapting the series to an animated format.
So if you ever wanted to see the motorball chapter done animated/live action here is the best you'll see until Jimi Cameron ruins it...