Friday, January 10, 2014

Keep on rolling on...

Hey guys quick update on things. Third part of Babylon 5 review/rewatch is coming and will hopefully hit the Internets Saturday or Sunday. New It rolled from the Dining room post will be up very very soon. Currently I'm working on my game for Arcanacon which is acting as a drag on the amount of time my brain wants to sit behind a keyboard.
Currently my new game "Arenas of Bahra" is sitting at almost 20,000words. Like a mini thesis really, and that is not including the background material I have written as I *have* to be special and have a custom game world for my fantasy game. (Seriously I need my head examined) The previous game "Skyships of Bahra" is also being run again so if you wanted to play and didn't you can! The game has also been re-written to make it easier to digest as the original version was a tough pill to be honest. (Plus a bit of experiment for me in presentation, not a 100% successful one to be honest)
But if you are in Melbourne and that way inclined please come down to Arcanacon and make my (and all the other writers) work not in vain.