Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Year of the Doge

I have often struggled with the idea of asking for donations on this blog. I put ads up and the few cents Google grants me as stipend is more than sufficient for my heady lifestyle. I actually enjoy writing stuff and putting it up for people to read so the idea of asking for money to do it has never worked for me.
But, there is also the want to do more and higher quality work. Real life does get in the way and if there was something in this caper I would be able to do more, get stuff edited etc (Do weird things such as doing drafts like a real writer!)
But the internets have given me a happy medium between my two diametrically opposed positions on this. I will take donations from those who like what they read and want to read more. But I will only ask for said donations in Dogecoin. (If you really want to give me real money, email me, you will not be offended by refusal ;))
My wallet address is to the right>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
So donate some Doge and keep me writing. But I'll probably write anyway.
Did I mention I was a fan of Andy Kaufman?