Monday, February 3, 2014

Sunday post so late it's Monday!

Did anyone mention it was hot? The fact that my PC is in a hotter part of the house seems to slow my posting during Melbourne's recent heat, I still can't write properly on a mobile device. But the lounge and the big n'cheap TV is air conned so much watching has been done. Babylon 5 season 5 is almost done, it's been a hard slog I have to say. Binged "Orange is the New Black" Season 1 and was indeed very pleasantly surprised; proof that Americans can do black comedy well.
What's for this week? Well hopefully finish B5 so I can move onto the Movies, writing another gaming project that will consume my time and energy too soon after that last, and more stuff for the gaming blog is on the way :)
Thanks for the patience and the response to the B5 reviews, your clicks keep me writing stuff.