Thursday, April 27, 2017

She's ready for her close-up now. (Twin Peaks Episode 10)

The Man behind the Glass, Twin Peaks Episode 10 (Oct13 1990)

Episode 10 continues to develop several of the cliffhanger points from the end of Season one. Audrey is now directly imperilled by the powers that run One eye jacks. Blackie has called in Jacques' older brother Jean in an attempt to muscle Ben Horne out of the establishment using Audrey as a hostage. Jean wants the man who killed his brother as payment, and naturally he holds Cooper responsible. Jean brings the air of not being the small time crook his two brothers have been shown to be, and Michael Parks is able to bring alot of quiet dread to the character. We are quickly given the understanding the Jean is not the simpleton Bernard was, nor the drunken drug runner that Jacques was. (Pitty this all resolves in the.. spotty... part of season 2) A very dangerous man indeed.

We are also given another new character, one probably more connected to the whole central mystery of the series. Harold Smith, a charismatic shut in with a hint of Normal Bates. I have very mixed feelings about Harold, portrayed well by Lenny Von Dohlen but not always with the best material. (We will see that later...) Harold is a poetic man who grow Orchids whom Laura met while doing meals on wheels. She entrusted in him the legendary "Secret diary" to go along with the lives he chronicles in his notebooks. Donna, taking over Laura's meals on wheels rounds, encounters Harold and discovers his intimate connection with her best friend. (Spoiler: It doesn't go well and is all Donna's fault) 

For our third trick we have another well acted character who is let down by the mid Season 2 slump. Richard Tremayn is the third wheel in the Lucy and Andy love bicycle, a man who shared a night on a bed in Horne's Home furnishings with Lucy and possible father of her child. Ian Buchanan is a soap opera actor who has appeared in both "The Bold and the Beautiful" and "Days of our Lives" and his presence is a subtle nod to that part of Twin Peak's DNA. After his initial appearance as a potential spoiler to Andy and Lucy's romance he is relegated to some terrible comedy mid season. But Ian Buchanan manages to work with anything he is given with the gusto of a skilled character actor, some of his scenes are a little cringe 25 years on but he is always entertaining. 

Some, including some of the cast, have criticised the influx of new characters that Season 2 brings. This is a valid criticism, especially since the last season cliff hanger only really removed one character from the mix (Jacques) permanently. Bringing in new characters is an often occurring event for a new TV season, and this sometimes results in a reduction of screen time for existing characters. This doesn't happen alot in Twin Peaks, but as we will talk about in the so called mid season drought we will see some of these characters have almost nothing to do (Dick) or unsatisfactory resolutions (Jean)