Saturday, April 15, 2017

"The truth Harry. Because that's my job." (Twin Peaks Episode 6)

Realization Time. Episode 6 (Air date: May 17 1990)

As the episode title indicates, the investigation starts to converge as the evidence from Jacque's apartment and cabin starts to answer questions about the exact events of the night of Laura Palmer's death. Two unusual witnesses have been provided to the investigation, the testimony from the Log Lady's log and the Myna bird Waldo. Waldo is a clever device, birds being imitators Waldo is effectively a tape recorder in the room on the night of the murder. Not only that, he is a tape recorder who will reveal his secrets when it is most dramatic to do so. (And to add a layer, Cooper uses his signature recorder to pick up the testimony)

This episode is formed around two set pieces, the Bookhouse boys operation across the border to One Eyed Jacks and Maddy impersonating Laura in order to draw out Dr Jacoby in the park. The events at One eyed jacks are actually two plots crossing at the same time. First Cooper and Big Ed arrive as "Fred and Barney", a pair of Oral Surgeons across the border to have a good time and secretly interview Jacques Renault. Cooper shows off his card counting abilities to ensure he doesn't lose too much of the FBI's purse, and manages to get talking to Jacques at the table. Jacques manages to come across as possibly the slimiest man alive in this scene, especially the close ups as he recants Leo putting the Poker chip in Laura's mouth and telling her to "Bite the bullet baby". A short bit of dialogue that makes me reach for the disinfectant every time I see it.

Meanwhile, Audrey has made her way through her father's flesh trade system from the perfume counter to One eyed Jacks. She manages to bluff her way past a sceptical Blackie with the unforgettable cherry eating scene. (Captured in gif form above.)
Back in Twin Peaks, Donna and James hope to break into Jacoby's apartment by luring him to the park to see "Laura" still alive.

Both amateur investigations do not end up well. Audrey ends up in peril very shortly after arriving at One Eyed Jacks, quickly getting in over her head. Donna and James find evidence linking Jacoby to Laura, more tapes and the necklace (Which is honestly a bit of a red herring clue), but end up endangering Jacoby AND getting framed for Coke possession by Bobby.
The episode finishes off with a dual cliffhanger, someone watching Maddy from the bushes in the park and Cooper getting ready to rendezvous with Jacques on the US side of the border. All the pieces are in place for the season cliffhanger that would air in seven days time...