Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Cooper. You remind me today of a small Mexican Chihuahua. (Twin Peaks Episode 13)

Demons - Episode 13 (Air Date: Nov 3 1990)

That quote I have used as a tile should be spelt as Lynch, in his first appearance as FBI Regional Bureau chief Gordon Cole, pronounces it. "ChiWOWwow"
The hearing impaired boss of our strange federal agent Dale Cooper is a comedic and magnetic presence in the scenes he appears in right from the start. In many ways Cole is Lynch dialled up to 11 and appearing in his own world much the same way Vonnegut did to Kilgore Trout.

But I have jumped ahead a little, last weeks cliffhanger is resolved quickly and mercilessly to poor Harold as James bursts in and rescues the girls. This of course reaffirms his feelings for Donna and leads to him facing his feelings for Maddy; in that he had no feelings for Maddy really and was just imposing his unresolved feelings for Laura on her. (Did I mention how much I disliked Donna on this rewatch? As it seems that James picks the wrong gal)
It is at this point in the series rewatch where you do start to feel really bad for Maddy knowing what is to come for her. Maddy is just a less outgoing version of everything people thought Laura was, she seems genuinely nice and accomplished in her own right. Several years older than Laura almost every character in the series interacts with her based only on her resemblance to Laura, even Laura. Maddy tells stories of them swapping clothes and tricking people when they were young, also of her introducing Laura to cigarettes when she was 16. Even her uncle only ever relates to her as a proxy for Laura, especially at the bitter end...

For the most part "Demons" is a slower episode than the previous two, a calm before the flurry of events to come. Audrey is recovering from being given a near overdose of Heroin while in captivity across the border AND dealing with the knowledge her father owns One Eyed Jacks and had slept with Laura. Bobby and Shelly welcome Leo home, and Leo's recovery from the coma is teased. Leo in a Coma is just as scary as Leo awake, and the series does an amazing job of making his every twitch seem like a threat. Josie is preparing her end game, grabbing as much cash as she can from Ben and fleeing as her "boss" demands her return to Hong Kong. (More on that later) Nadine comes home and the great "Nadine thinks she's 18 again" plot begins and finally Catherine is sneaking around in the least convincing yellowface disguise one could imagine.
At the end of the episode Cooper and co finally are able to interrogate MIKE, who while repeating aspects of the story he told in Cooper's dream reveals that BOB has been for almost 40 years has been in a lodge house made of wood, surrounded by trees. A house with many rooms each alike, yet occupied by different souls night after night...
The Great Northern Hotel!