Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Heaven is a large and interesting place (Twin peaks Episode 11)

Laura's Secret Diary- Twin Peaks Episode 11 (October 20 1990)

You could say the first cracks in Season 2 occurred with the beginning of the Dick/Andy/Lucy plot, it's the first character subplot introduced that really starts to hit cringe levels. Like many series Twin Peaks has A plots and B plots, at this point the murder of Laura Palmer is still the A plot. The numerous B plots from season one are still quite strong; Audrey at One Eyed Jacks, The Ben/Catherine/Josie plot based around the mill etc. Some of the new B plots are weaker and the quality doesn't improve until the end of the season when most of them are killed off... (Some literally)
This week we get a little more of these developing B stories, Andy's infertility and M T Wentz the restaurant critic. I like the Andy and Lucy double act, and even like Dick as a melodramatic bit of comic relief, but from this point in they do push things a little far into the comedic realm.

We also get a little glimpse into some more world building, the visit of Judge Sternwood for the initial hearings into Leland's killing of Jacques and Leo's competency for trail. We learn that the town has no court house for example, the hearings are held in the Roadhouse and that the town is part of Sternwood's circuit. I honestly never understood this when I was younger, but seeing a real old fashioned travelling circuit judge gives you more of a feeling of the town's isolation from the "real" world. 

The last element of note is that which the episode is titled, Donna getting to know Harold in order to gain access to Laura's diary. There is some explanation for why Harold has not felt the need to hand it in to the Sheriff, he feels there is no answers within it. Harold's fear/inability to go outside probably also plays into this, a condition that is never fully explained. Donna starts to plot with Maddy to gain steal the diary from Harold, a series of events I am sure will go well...

Yes Maddy I am sure it is.