Monday, May 22, 2017

I have no idea where this will lead us. But I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange. (Twin Peaks episodes 25/26)

On the wings of love/Variations on Relations - Twin Peaks episodes 25-26 (Air Dates April 4, April 11 1991)

So with the premier almost here looks like I will not get the whole of the series covered beforehand. But anyway, we are so close to the end here now I will complete and then look at the new series; with luck before episode 2 airs.

Harry and Catherine deal with Eckhardt's legacy, for Harry it is Ms Jones attempting to kill him in bed over "sexual jealousy" of his relationship with Josie. For Catherine it is the mysterious box sent to Blue Pine Lodge. I can't help but think that if Eckhardt was a better established character these plot threads may have had more oomph to them. He appears kind of out of the blue in Season 2 and with little background outside being the man Josie was on the run from.

But the good news is the series at this point really starts to find itself again, we gain a real idea of where things are going. With a destination, the other elements all snap into place. Windom Earle is our antagonist, and he wants to get to the Black Lodge as well as kill the winner of the Miss Twin Peaks contest. Our heroes, naturally, move to prevent this. Windom takes some more pieces, Cooper goes to Owl Cave to see the mysterious petroglyphs. Lots of good stuff here. Even the B plots slot in and are fun asides, sometimes funny and sometimes dramatic but never distracting us from the main plot. Dick for example, is comic relief for a few scenes, Gordon becoming infatuated with Shelly is cute and fun to watch. We don't have drawn out scenes of James on the road, or little Nicky...

Cooper and Annie get closer, an obvious replacement for the Audrey romance especially as Audrey basically does the same thing with Jack in a much less plot eventful romance.
I do like the pre-x-files UFO stuff here as well, suggesting that what Major Briggs (and Earle) were investigating was akin to encounters with extraterrestrials which turned to the woods around twin peaks. The implication is that the people from "another place" maybe what we think of as aliens, and that opens some interesting doors. What it fixes the series on sharply is the Black Lodge as an end point of the current story arc, something the series needed after the Laura Palmer mystery was solved..