Friday, May 19, 2017

Leo. Well, Leo... you can call me Windom. Windom Earle.- Twin Peaks 21/22

Double Play/Slaves and Masters - Twin Peaks Episodes 21/22 (Air dates Feb 2/Feb 9 1991)

Rewatches are fun, especially when you discover something you totally forgot about. In this case is just how amazing the Leo stalking around his house after Shelly, it's tense and terrifying. This series is really at it's best when it is expressing emotion/sensation in this manner , be it fear or confusion or dread, and this scene is a great example of that. Shelly gropes around in the dark trying to fend Leo off with a knife until Bobby arrives and distracts him, allowing her to slash her violent spouse with a knife; sending him fleeing.

Here we are getting to peak Season 2, Nadine at Highschool, Ben thinks he is reliving the civil war, more little Nicky and yes more James. We do get some important B plot shifts though with the long thought dead Andrew Packard revealed as being alive. This is a huge revelation as one of the important world building bits of the series is based around the death of Andrew Packard; Josie, Hank, Ben, Catherine all revolve around that pre series event. Now we learn it didn't actually happen, and was all part of a game between Andrew and his long time rival Eckhardt.

The main 2nd arc also starts to heat up with Leo stumbling upon a cabin the woods while fleeing his home, here we have the first glimpse of Cooper's Moriarty, Windom Earle. Earle starts to take a much less abstract role in the show from here, first in his chess game that results in real people being killed as pieces are taken and second with his manipulation of the townspeople. Earle is a fun character, he does stray a little bit across the line and becomes too whacky from time to time but he is shown to be a genuine threat to Cooper. (Unlike Jean) His disguises are probably the big thing I'd tone down, they tend to be a little too whacky and he still comes across as an odd stranger to the characters who encounter him which make him stick out in their mind. (Which kind of defeats the purpose of a disguise?) At his high points he plays the sinister Puck very well, and the two level nature (Seeking revenge on Cooper and seeking the Black Lodge) of his scheme mostly works.