Saturday, May 13, 2017

Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy. - Twin Peaks Episode 15

Drive with a Dead Girl - Twin peaks Episode 15 (Air date Nov 17 1990)

Needless to say, this episode belongs to Ray Wise. It is mostly focused on Leland and his strange manic behaviour the day after killing Maddy,  while the Sheriff and authorities are fixated on Ben Horne. Wise is able to effortlessly shift between happy dancing Leland, Leland the crying wreck of a man with some fringe knowledge of his actions, and Leland the cackling maniac.

Looking at the series and "Fire walk with me" as a whole, it actually is difficult to parse when we are seeing Leland and when we are seeing BOB. BOB as an agent seems highly skilled at manipulating those around him, a simple analysis would hold that season 1 Leland is Leland, He is mournful and crying at the loss of his daughter, he then kills Jacques and his hair goes white overnight. After that he is much more "together", he is joyful and eccentric but no longer an obsessively dancing wreck. This more in control Leland is BOB, or is it? You see I am not sure. BOB knows who killed Laura, so why would avenging her death by killing Jacques bring him calm? It may bring Leland calm, especially if he is tangentially aware that BOB has been doing things which he could blame on Laura falling in with Jacques and Leo in the first place. (Smoking, drugs etc) What if BOB is so integrated with Leland's personality that there is little difference? What if only Leland at his most childlike (Such as when he visits Laura in her room in tears in Fire walk with me, or after BOB leaves in the next episode) is the only "real" Leland and the rest is a mix of the two with BOB becoming dominant from time to time? Remember, darkhaired Leland had already killed two women before the series started (Laura and Teresa Banks). Maybe killing Jacques represented a pulling away from BOB's influence? (Killing a guilty and corrupt man who may have killed your daughter) Maybe Maddy's death pulled him back into line? (Killing an innocent) It gets more complicated the more you think about it, and maybe a killer's mind should be?

The rest of the episode is focused primarily on the incarcerated Ben Horne and his plucky barred from practising law in multiple states council Jerry. Ben is not having a good day, and it gets worse when Pete turns up with a message from Catherine. Good old Pete has made quite the heel turn since his wife has come back, and his joy at seeing Ben in jail is an insight into what Catherine saw in him when they married. He seems he would be a fine toady for a villian.

The episode ends with Maddy washing up just like Laura did, wrapped in plastic. Even in death, Maddy is just like her cousin, and sadly like an echo her death has much less impact than the original sound.