Sunday, May 7, 2017

There are things you can't get in books. (Twin Peaks Episode 12)

The Orchid's Curse (Airdate October 28 1990)

I have to say the new series is getting really close, I am going to need to hustle to get this recap done before we have a new series! Showtime have been dropping teasers for a while but this week we got the first that included new footage from the 2017 series. Here it is:

Anyway, back 25 years or so in the past the story is headed towards the end of it's first arc. Leland Palmer is allowed to go free pending trial for the murder of Jacques. Hawk also uncovers inconsistencies in Leland's memory of the grey haired man (BOB) that lived near his parents holiday home when he was a child.

The central action piece of this episode is the raid on One Eyed Jacks by Harry and Cooper. Cooper works out that Audrey is being held across the border, and as they plan Jean makes his plans to kill Cooper with a hidden blade when they do the ransom handoff. Harry and Cooper make a nighttime raid to take back Audrey, witnessing Jean kill Blackie in the process they make their escape with the unconscious Ms Horne. Hawk saves the two of them (and looks pretty dern cool in the process) after they are cornered by the casino's security. As they escape, Hank Jennings has been surveilling the place and  calls Ben to inform him that Audrey is safe. Hank is surprised by Jean who fishes the ID from the county prosecutor that Hank had stolen, believing him to be a law officer.

When I started this rewatch I discovered myself disliking Donna Hayward, not something I have done in the past. From the beginning of the series she is Laura's best friend and the leader of the alternate investigation into Laura's death. Right from the pilot she tells James they needed to solve the crime for Laura, because the authorities didn't care about Laura like they did. The games she plays are similar to Audrey's attempts to impress Cooper, but while Audrey is foolhardy in overestimating her own cleverness, Donna comes across as selfish and often callous. Not only does she persuade James to help in concealing evidence (the necklace, the tapes for Jacoby) but people actively get hurt due to her investigations. After Jacoby has a heart attack while in the park following Maddy/Laura, Cooper warns Donna to stop playing the dangerous game she is playing. But that does not dissuade Donna, and after taking up Laura's old meals on wheel route she meets Harold and finds out about Laura's Secret Diary. So she decides to get Maddy to help her break in and steal the diary from the shut in's home. In perfect Donna fashion, that does not go well and the normally calm and gentle Harold becoming upset and enraged by Donna's betrayal. This does not work out well for Harold, and we leave this episode with him confronting Donna and Maddy whilst cutting his own face with a garden fork. (In a pretty bad bit of sfx makeup tbh...)  While ultimately a clue is discovered and gotten to Cooper, it is only after Harold hangs himself. Donna has one heart attack, and one corpse under her belt as a result and she is unable to learn enough information about Laura's killer to protect Maddy...