Tuesday, June 20, 2017

You just lost me (Twin Peaks Episode 28)

Miss Twin Peaks - Episode 28 (Airdate June10 1991)

Like many of the great episodes of the show's original run, the penultimate episode of Twin Peaks is formed around a single set piece, the Miss Twin Peaks pageant. It's a much lighter event than lets say, the Mill fire or the raid on One Eyed Jacks, but it has no less of an ability to pull multiple strands of story together. Andy and Lucy, Cooper and Annie, Lana's manipulation of Dick, Bobby stage managing Shelly and discovering what she means to him, Audrey and Ben wanting to make the environmental case to stop Ghostwood, Nadine reliving her teen years, all come together in this event. The event itself is fun as well, with just the right amount of hokiness that a small town beauty pageant should have. We haven't quite gotten to the point in TV where every song and dance number is inexplicably Broadway quality for no good reason...

Meanwhile in the woods, Leo helps Major Briggs escape Windom Earle in an effort to save Shelly. I'm pretty unconvinced by good guy Leo, he was a pretty despicable individual as I have previously discussed. Drug dealer, violent criminal, domestic abuser, arsonist and attempted murderer; his post coma softness for Shelly isn't enough to solicit any sympathy. His final predicament, which ends up being the final thing we see of the character, is torturous. He is strung up by the tooth to a cage full of spiders, should he let the cage drop and break he could be done for, a convoluted trap by Earle to say the least. But I'm not sure anyone can think "poor Leo" in light of who the character is.

Of course it is Andy who works out that the Owl Cave painting is a map, allowing Cooper to make the leap that it is a map to the Black Lodge and finally work out Earle's scheme. Annie naturally wins the pageant and is kidnapped by Earle in a pretty cool strobe lit scene of confusion and chaos. Naturally Earle is dressed up as the Log lady, in the last of his crazy disguises to feature. We also have some small scenes to cap off certain plots, Lucy picks Andy to be Dad to her baby, Big Ed finally breaks it to Nadine that he is marrying Norma, Donna confronts Ben Horne about her parentage etc.

This is a solid plot motivating episode, no Frost or Lynch in sight either; although I am sure they were guiding the direction of things. Next up, the bizarre Lynch fuelled finale to the original series. Don't miss it.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Q: Garland, what do you fear most... in the world? A:The possibility that love is not enough. (Twin Peaks Episode 27)

The Path to the Black Lodge - Twin Peaks Episode 27 (Airdate-April 18 1991)

So yeah I lost that race and got a little ill so there has been a gap in coverage. I do apologise.
So yes I have seen the new series so far, and I like it! More on that soon as I don't want to spoil...

So Episode 27 continues to push towards the series finale at a startling pace, it's hard to believe that only a few episodes ago this series was in plot hibernation. (Apologies to any James and Evelyn fans out there) Miss Twin Peaks and the identity of Donna's biological feature amongst the B plots, and unlike the mid season drought they weave in with the main story well. (Even the Super Nadine story and Good Guy Ben fit in well here) As far as our heroes are concerned everything is leading up to Miss Twin Peaks, where Windom will attempt to kidnap/kill the winner, taking Cooper's Queen so to speak. The giant even appears to warn Cooper away from Annie entering the contest...

But what this episode really comes down to is establishing Windom's motivation and his actual goal as well as dig into the mythology around the Black Lodge a bit. It is revealed that Major Briggs and Windom worked together on Project Blue Book,  and in that time Windom became obsessed with The Black Lodge and sorcerers known as dugpas. (It is odd, I think this Episode is the only time that term is used) Cooper becomes convinced that Windom's true goal is to access the Black Lodge.

Realising via the bugged Bonsai that Major Briggs knows more than he is letting on, Windom kidnaps him while the Major is taking a walk in the woods. (In a bizarre pantomime horse costume) He drugs and interrogates the Major gaining key pieces of information about the doorway and the times it can be accessed. Windom has realised more about the glyphs at Owl Cave than Cooper and is just one step ahead of him. The race is very much on.