Thursday, June 1, 2017

Q: Garland, what do you fear most... in the world? A:The possibility that love is not enough. (Twin Peaks Episode 27)

The Path to the Black Lodge - Twin Peaks Episode 27 (Airdate-April 18 1991)

So yeah I lost that race and got a little ill so there has been a gap in coverage. I do apologise.
So yes I have seen the new series so far, and I like it! More on that soon as I don't want to spoil...

So Episode 27 continues to push towards the series finale at a startling pace, it's hard to believe that only a few episodes ago this series was in plot hibernation. (Apologies to any James and Evelyn fans out there) Miss Twin Peaks and the identity of Donna's biological feature amongst the B plots, and unlike the mid season drought they weave in with the main story well. (Even the Super Nadine story and Good Guy Ben fit in well here) As far as our heroes are concerned everything is leading up to Miss Twin Peaks, where Windom will attempt to kidnap/kill the winner, taking Cooper's Queen so to speak. The giant even appears to warn Cooper away from Annie entering the contest...

But what this episode really comes down to is establishing Windom's motivation and his actual goal as well as dig into the mythology around the Black Lodge a bit. It is revealed that Major Briggs and Windom worked together on Project Blue Book,  and in that time Windom became obsessed with The Black Lodge and sorcerers known as dugpas. (It is odd, I think this Episode is the only time that term is used) Cooper becomes convinced that Windom's true goal is to access the Black Lodge.

Realising via the bugged Bonsai that Major Briggs knows more than he is letting on, Windom kidnaps him while the Major is taking a walk in the woods. (In a bizarre pantomime horse costume) He drugs and interrogates the Major gaining key pieces of information about the doorway and the times it can be accessed. Windom has realised more about the glyphs at Owl Cave than Cooper and is just one step ahead of him. The race is very much on.